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Monday April 23, 2018


About PyKon

PyKon (Python Ikon) is an image gallery application designed to be used from the web. It is written in Python and uses the Nevow framework. It can be run with apache as a WSGI application or directly as a twisted daemon.





New Project Web Site

[ 2005.02.23]  The look and feel changes have been made to the new site. In addition, there is a developer site at http://projects.adytum.us/tracs/PyKon/wiki, complete with a subversion repository browser and issue tracker.

Project Approved at SourceForge.net

[ 2005.02.22]  SourceForge approved the PyKon project today, and we are now working on the site look and feel. A trac project has been created, as well as a subversion repository, a commits mail list, and a regular mail list.

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